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Tradeplus Mobile


Tradeplus is the first broker in India providing you a one stop shop for accessing services, queries and statements in a single app.WHAT'S HOT!
ONE TOUCH BACKOFFICE• One touch access to ledger balances, ledger statements, DP holdings, open positions, DP bill, Accrued interest and Profile view. Secure and instant access to your backoffice giving you the most important details in under 2 seconds. What's more, all this comes with a single login for all your linked accounts!
INSTANT FUNDS TRANSFER• Get the full advantages of mobile banking with Tradeplus to make your payments faster. Request for PAYOUTS and get real time updates.1-2-3 and Done!
INVESTMENTS SIMPLIFIED• Subscribe to IPO's, Mutual Funds and Bonds quickly and easily. We ensure that your process is smooth and hassle free. Mutual Funds applications optimized for mobile to provide you the fastest method possible! You can also view the details of your previous subscriptions
ALL NEW SMP EXPERIENCE• Subscribe to new value packs via SMP on mobile! Track your referral rewards via SMP faster. We ensure full transparency so that you are aware every step of the way. With Paytm and other modes of fund transfers, enjoy a whole new way of mobile transactions through SMP, like never before! View and Modify your TPIN for Call N Trade
INSTANT CUSTOMER SUPPORT• No need to send long emails anymore! This is the best solution for fast response times. Over 250 solutions and support videos to answer your pressing queries!
ENHANCED SUPPORT TOOLS• Maximize the performance of our trading support tools like Aha! and AMS. With AMS, view your current alerts, modify them and subscribe for newer alerts. With Aha! Awesome Analytics, view your intraday trade patterns and get insights about how to optimize your trading for better returns
QUALITY RESEARCH AND INSIGHTFUL BLOG ARTICLES• Get easy access to our insightful research reports and newsletters optimized for mobile viewing! Share your comments via Facebook and Twitter and be part of a wonderful idea sharing environment. View our Nreach blog articles on market events and be well informed!
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To open a zero brokerage trading account in India, call 180042575757
SEBI Registration No. CM : INB 230770833, FAO INF 230770833, CDR INE 230770833 , BSE INB 10770833. MCX Membership Code: 45345, FMC Unique Membership Code: MCX/TM/COP/1753 | Corporate Office Address : Ganga Griha' 4th & 5 th Floor, No.9 (old No. 6D) ,Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam , Chennai - 600 034. Compliance Officer : S Krishnamurthy, Email : , Phone- 044 39189449Tradeplus is online brand of Navia Markets Ltd and Navia Commodities Broker Pvt.Ltd
*Note: Unlimited Trading Plans are currently available in Commodities, Equity Options and Currency Derivatives segments .